Mafia Skulls is a collection of 1000 randomly generated characters made up of 70+ different traits on the Ethereum blockchain.

The project was founded in the beginning of December 2021 and has been in the works since.
With a competitive mint price of 0,01 ETH we aim to create a great community and give great benefits to all holders of one of our NFTs.


1. Minting for whitelist users goes live.

2. Public mint starts.

3. 48 hours after minting is complete, rarity chart drops.

4. Ethereum giveaways.

5. A top-secret key is given to the holders of a Mafia Skull.

6. Roadmap 2.0 drops.



Founder of Mafia Skulls

I started my NFT-journey in the first quarter of 2021. Since then, I have learned a lot, seen many projects succeed and fail. I am dedicated to make this a successful project and I wish to create a great community.


Co-founder of Mafia Skulls.

Past business experience working with YouTubers and creators.
Been in the nft-game since mid 2021.



First-ever NFT project.
Ever since I was young, I have had a passion for drawing. I have been observing the nft-space for a couple of months and finally decided I wanted to try it out myself. I have experience with digital art and visual design through my job


Mint will happen on March 25.

There will be a total of 1000 Mafia Skulls possible to mint.

The minting price for Mafia Skulls will all have the same price of 0,01 ethereum + gas fees.

For more info on how to get whitelisted please join our discord.